Surprise! I’m a lawyer now

This may come as a shock , but I’ve decided to no longer write books and instead become a LAWYER!

*cue Elle Woods from Legally Blonde* 
What? Like it’s hard?

Okay, let me back up.
I just got back from North Carolina for a beautiful beach wedding of one of my best friends, and before that I worked my butt off the last couple months to get Seduced by Death to the editors.

I pushed myself waaay harder than usual to make sure the ebook/paperback could come out the same time as the audiobook.

You’re excited for the audiobook!?!? I’ll circle back to that down below. 

As soon as I came home I finally collapsed. And picked up a horrible, tawdry vice that I’m positively giddy about.
I’m ADDICTED to watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial.

Everyone says they’re all about the highlights from this high profile, celebrity case, but I am legit watching the 8 hour long court case. 

Should I admit that ?!? I probably shouldn’t, but here we are…

After pushing so hard on this book, allll I want to do is sleep and watch this legal circus all day, every day to recover. 

This trial feels more like a game of petty jeopardy than the sophisticated renditions on television shows I’ve seen.

And what I’ve learned is I should TOTALLY be a lawyer cause I could do way better than some of the lawyers on Amber Heard’s side.

After watching 3 full days, I’m like pffft I could take the LSAT and slay it LOL

Okay probably not, but I’m having the time of my life.And my poor, sweet l’husbun. From the moment he wakes up to when he pops home for lunch, I’m like “Let me tell you! Let me tell you what just happened!”I’ve gone SO deep down the rabbit hole, that I also feel in love with the forensic psychologist (she’s deeply fabulous and clearly passionate about what she does) 

*Hamster brain ignites* 
WAIT! No. I don’t want to be a lawyer. I want to have her job! Studying the psychology of vets with PTSD!

Anywho, part of the assessment was that Amber Heard has Borderline Personality Disorder.
I was beyond fascinated, so much that I watched the psychologist talk about the assessment process TWICE.

So this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I scrolled Tiktok videos of people who have the disorder. They are incredibly candid about how exhausting it is and their difficulties maintaining relationships. *clutches heart*I want everyone to feel love! Life can be hard enough without a disorder. 
So by the time, I popped in the shower I was like, ooooh if I could write a character who has BPD and gets to have their happily ever after (with some vampires thrown in of course) I would be A GODDESS!
Honestly, not sure if I’m smart enough , or the right person to write that protagonist but omg that would be awwwwesome.

Long story short.

Maybe I’ll just stick to writing romance books. But *maybe* these occupations might sneak their way in somewhere. 

Anyone who says we don’t learn anything from TV clearly never met me. LOL!

So what I’m wondering is…am I literally going to be into this trial for the next four weeks?!?!?!

All signs point to yes.


While the trial is on the background, I’ve also been doing intense and absolutely delicious work on plotting One Bad Knight.

I know the preorder says November for release, but I anticipate it coming out many months sooner than that. 


Okay, remember that part about busting my butt to get the Seduced by Death audiobook out the same time as the ebook/paperback?

I didn’t bust my butt hard or fast enough.

*that’s what she said, eeyyyyy*

No, but seriously, I’m kind of bummed. I really tried to get this out fast enough, but I got sick for a week and that was enough to throw things off schedule.

SO! It appears the ebook/paperback will release June 9th as planned and the audiobook will make it’s debut in July.

This Week is Life Changing!

Holly this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my life.

And I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am!

*sucks in huge breath to share info like a four year old on 20 pixie sticks*

One of my TikTok videos about my books went viral and it jettisoned my book One Savage Knight up the ranks!

(want to see the video? Click here I’ve learned from this that all readers want to stick it to their ex LOL)

Never before had I broken a top 100 category in Amazon, but One Savage Knight shot up to #3 in Devils and Demons romance

And then! And then!

The next day Bitten by Death shot up as well! And for one blissfully amazing minute it was #1 in Vampire Romance!

I had that beautiful little orange sticker by my book that said “Bestseller” and I died.

Not to be dramatic, but literally, I died and shot straight down, landing on that big trampoline in hell, then rocketed into heaven, high-fived Betty White then came back down to earth to tell you. 

I’ve never sold so many books in my life and it’s been an absolute DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

It only took a real quick 10-12 years to get here.

So what’s next? Why another book of course! 

I hadn’t announced any new releases after Seduced by Death, but in lieu of all the new exciting traction I’m announcing it NOW!.

*Drum Roll*

Now available for Pre-Order

I'm not the hero. I'm the bad son they send to do the dirty work when the demons come out. My brothers save lives, but I ruin them. I ruined hers, years ago. I should stay away from her. But something might be coming for the girl I left in pieces all those years ago, and I might not be able to stay away. The question is what's more dangerous than me? And can I for once, not ruin someone? Gatsby's standalone book is coming Fall of 2022

“The End”

"The End"

I did it! I did it!

I put “The End” on Seduced by Death!

 Errrr kind of. 

If I’m being totally honest, finishing this book as been tough.

I feel like I’ve been on one end of a fishing pole. But instead of reeling a big fish out of the water, I’m trying to catch the steamy, mega explosive, buttery awesome romance finale you deserve!

Every day for the last three weeks I’ve been like “Today is the day I finish writing this book!”  But though I hammer away at it, the big climatic scene eluded me.

With each passing hour my anxiety grew until I had to *gulp* quit coffee.

WHHHHHY GOD WHYYYYY? *gets hold of self*

No, it’s okay. I didn’t want my heart to slam out of my chest ala alien style, so I switched my dark roast to earl grey tea for a warm beverage. 

I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure I stored coffee in my fat reserves and I’m just coasting off that continuous stream of energy. Similar but different from a hibernating bear using up his energy reserves. Though my poor l’husbun has had to deal with my psychotic, insomniac ass for weeks though I’m sure he wishes I was low key like a bear lol.

The secret ingredient was a babysitter. My lovely amazing author friend, Ellie Pond offered to meet me out at a coffee shop to work for the day. 

The pandemic has been hard trying to work in my house, because I need the buzz and flow of a coffee shop and I also need a buddy to keep me in check so I don’t screw around. I jumped so hard at the chance she had to use a bat to swat me back down lol

But after six hours with her and a lot of *tea* lattes (grumble)

I did it! I worked through that big ending scene!!!! *cue crowd cheering noises*

since you are my book bestie, we need to celebrate! I’ve already had a glass of champagne, but I think we both deserve a book too.

I bought Nikki St Crowe’s The Never King. I’ve heard a lot about this dark Peter Pan reverse harem book and I don’t even care if it ends on a cliffhanger. Bring it on.

What book are you going to get to celebrate with me?

See what I did there ? I thought you’d like that….

Las Vegas Immortals Street Team

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Sign up to be part of Holly’s Street Team for the release of Seduced by Death book 3 in the Las Vegas Immortals Series!

Street Team members will be provided with advanced e-book copies. Street team members will additionally receive book 1 (Bitten by Death) and book 2 (Kissed by Death).

Deliveries will be sent by bookfunnel. Starting with Bitten by Death, once the first book has been reviewed, you will receive Kissed by Death, to lead up to the release of Seduced by Death!

The expectation is to help hype up the Las Vegas Immortals series before Seduced by Death releases on June 9, 2022.

Filling out this application does not guarantee you a spot on the team. Once applications have been closed and reviewed, invitations will be extended via email.

Kissed by Death Audiobook is LIVE

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𝗪𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗺𝘆 𝗮𝘂𝗱𝗶𝗼𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝘁? 🎧
Kissed by Death is Live! ⁣

What’s in store for Vivian and Grim in this book?⁣
– A gods ball (complete with a gown to rival Cinderella)⁣
– An action-packed mystery⁣
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Download and enjoy the amazing narration performance by Vivienne Ferrari and Logan McAllister

ARC Team Open

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One Savage Knight is a steamy, action-packed standalone paranormal romance. 

What’s in this book?

  • She’s left her home and family only to get dumped in a new state, forcing her to start over
  • The patient she is treating at the hospital is kept in chains, and he’s becoming more monster than man
  • A demon who wants to claim our heroine
  • Our savage hero who will do anything to save her
  • And Bubbles, the one-eyed rescue cat!

Become one of Holly’s ARCvengers now, if you want to review this book.

Betty’s Last Ride

A Post Mortem Short Story

Featuring Betty White and Characters from the Vegas Immortals Series

When Betty White passed, a lot of my readers were upset with Grim for taking our beloved treasure. 

So because everyone has been so sad about Betty White, I wrote this little ditty where Grim meets her to take her to the afterlife.

 It’s completely unedited, written fast and dirty, but I hope this bit of fanfic gives you some warm fuzzies.
*I watched a documentary on her a couple weeks ago which informed bits, and I learned from a person who met her at an animal benefit that she often cruised around with vodka and red vines.*
Betty stood next to the bed where her body lay. Her family gathered around the emptied husk, shedding tears and holding onto each other. But Betty White didn’t look on with sadness or fear. Her soul form was too busy petting the reaper dogs that had arrived.
The woman’s love and advocacy of animals was no secret, so I’d sent three to greet her and act as escort.
Betty crouched down to vigorously pet Ytirach’s head. The reaper closed his eyes, leaning into the attention. Isey, the reaper behind Betty set her head on Betty’s shoulder. And Adaras pushed his way under Betty’s other hand.
The prolific woman had been less than two weeks from turning a hundred years old, but now she looked years younger. She resembled her physical form when she was in her forties.
When she finally noticed my approach, Betty stood. I couldn’t help but straighten my tie and then brush my hair back with a hand. My black suit was pressed perfect for this day. I knew it was coming, the whole world had known this day was coming, but it didn’t make it any less auspicious.
“Whoa,” Betty said. “You sure are a looker. I always thought Death would be some creepy skull in a hood like Skeletor. Or maybe Bea Arthur. On the set of Golden Girls, we use used to joke her scowl was borrowed from the grim reaper himself.”
“Miss White, it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.” A smile pulled at the side of my mouth as I received her hand, laying a kiss on the back of it. My reapers all sat at her feet, looking up at her in blatant adoration.
Betty fanned herself with her other hand. “Hot pants, you are getting me a little too fired up for a dead gal. And please, call me Betty.”
I gave her fingers a squeeze before releasing them. “Betty. It is not every day I get to encounter a soul as special as you. The shine you exude is exceptional.”
“Ahem,” came a noise from behind me.
“Oh yes, excuse me, but may I introduce someone who begged me to let her tag along to meet you.” Before I could say another word, Vivien popped out from behind me.
“Sweet baby hamsters, I can’t believe it’s really Betty White,” Vivien gushed. “I’m a huge fan. Big. Huge. Massive, over the top fan.” Then as if to prove her point, a pitchy squeal escaped her mouth.
Betty’s eyebrows raised, a bemused smile playing at her lips. “She’s a vampire.”
Vivien flashed her fangs in a dazzling grin. “Guilty.”
“Well, it looks like I can still be surprised in death.” Betty said. Then asked Vivien. “Are those for me?”
Looking down at her hands, Vivien had seemed to forget she was holding a tumbler of chilled vodka and red vines.
When I said I planned to greet Betty with her favorite vittles, Vivien insisted on being the one to deliver.
Rushing forward, Vivien held out the offerings.
Betty sipped the vodka and balanced the red vines in between her fingers holding the glass. “Ah, that’s the stuff. Now where too, hot pants? And can I take the pups along for the ride?” She reached down and pet Isey this time. “We’ve just met, but we’ve agreed we are best of friends.”
The other two excitedly ran around her legs in agreement.
“Of course,” I gave a slight bow. “If you’d just follow me, Miss White.” I turned then jerked when I felt the pinch of fingers on my rear. Except Vivien was in front of me.
My vampire’s eyes widened in shock, having also caught the bold come on.
“Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean I’m dead,” Betty said in that patent saucy tone of hers.
Vivien laughed. Then her expression sobered as she looked past Betty to her family, who still grieved their loss. “The world isn’t going to be the same without you,” she said softly.
Betty followed Vivien’s gaze, biting off a hunk of red vine. “Don’t you worry. They’ll be alright. But as for me, I’m ready for the after party.” Then turning to look at me, she asked, “unless I’m doomed to a hotter climate down south?”
“Florida?” Vivien asked, her brows furrowing.
I couldn’t help but chuckle at the both of them. “No, Ms. White, you are correct. You’ve done more than enough and deserve nothing less than paradise. You’ve left an indelible imprint on the world for the better. The pure joy, love, and humor you spread has seeped into a staggering number of people, into the very earth itself and that energy will continue on as an extension of you.”
She nodded. “Damn skippy. I may be gone, but they have to know they can never get rid of me. I’m like a bad case of herpes.”
Vivien snorted then sighed in satisfaction, as if Betty somehow appeased the pain she felt on the matter.
“I have a surprise for you, Betty.” I said, offering an arm. I’d been looking forward to this. My job could be exhausting, painstaking, and brutal, but this was one of those rare days one hoped to have in their line of work. A day to meet and reward someone exceptional.
Betty slipped arm through mine, and Vivien held onto my other bicep.
“That’s right hot pants, we should be on first name basis. After all, I’ve known you would come calling soon for quite some time. I know we’ve just met, but I feel perfectly at ease, as if we were old friends.”
“Well then, feel free to call me Grim,” I offered in return.
“Though hotpants is more accurate,” Vivien piped up.
With both women at my sides, the scenery swirled by a great whoosh of color. In moments we were in a marsh, filled with tall reeds.
Even though the sun shone overhead, here, Vivien was not in danger of burning. The smell of sweet grass filled the air.
The reapers trotted ahead of us, already anticipating the surprise.
We stepped into a clearing, and a shimmering river glinted like a thousand winking stars.
Hraf-hraf, the old ferryman, waited on the shore with the boat to take Betty to the Afterlife, where she could begin enjoying paradise. But the surprise stood next to the boat, on the bank.
The tumbler and remaining red vines dropped to the ground as Betty ran to meet Allen. He rushed to meet her, sweeping her up in his arms and twirling her around.
Vivien laid her head on my shoulder, as we watched the two lovers reunite.
“So they were married, right?” Vivien asked in a soft voice.
“Yes, for eighteen years before Allen passed away in 1981. Cancer.” I explained. “He has been waiting here to receive her all these years. Their love is one of the truest, and most enduring.”
“He’s been on ice here for forty years?”
“Don’t worry, time passes differently here. But they have been missing each other terribly.”
When Betty pulled away from Allen, wetness covered her cheeks from happy tears.
Vivien sighed. “I wish the world knew she was getting her happy ending. Then maybe everyone wouldn’t be so sad.”
The two got into the boat and the dogs clambered in after her. I did not expect their return to their duties for quite some time. At least until Betty got acquainted with her new surroundings. The reapers would be glued to her side, making her every bit as comfortable as she deserved.
I wrapped an arm around Vivien, pulling her tight against me. “Don’t fear. She left such a bright mark on the world, that it far outshines the darkness of her absence. And I think most people know, deep in their soul, that Betty would meet death with fearless sass. Like someone else I know.”
Vivien leaned up to kiss me, a soft searching pressure of the lips. When she broke away, she winked. “Well said, hot pants.”

RIP Betty, thank you for being a friend.

XOXO Holly Roberds

Early Black Friday Book Sale!

I hope you are enjoying the holidays in some way, whether it’s with good food, family (you actually like), or at the very least, with some great books!

To help with that last endeavor, I put the first four books in The Five Orders series on sale each for $0.99 through Black Friday! HURRAY!

So if you haven’t read the series, you could start now and be finished by Christmas!

Or if you are a little slower of a reader like me, this will last you through the harsh winter months lol

And if you are in Kindle Unlimited – the entire series is free!

Also! You’ll get your introduction to Leonidas through the course of the series, so when his book, One Savage Knight drops in February, you’ll be like HELL YEAH!



I need this in my bedroom

My heart is going to explode into a cloud of black and gold confetti.

Kissed by Death was my biggest release EVER!

And everyone keeps telling me how much I’m ruining their sleep because they can’t put the book down.

My dark heart drums its fingers together when I hear this, as I wish to rob you of all sense of reality when you open one of my books. Mwuahahahaha!

If you’ve read the book or left a review. Thank you. From the bottom of my soulless being.

And did you know I was in Vegas during the release of book 2 in my Vegas Immortals series? That wasn’t even planned! 

I was there for an author convention and (SQUEE) got to meet my female narrator for the books which was a meet cute of EPIC proportions. A tale for another time.

But the highlights definitely included crashing a friends cabana for one day (how is it 82 degrees there?), getting to be around other bizarro authors, making an absurd amount of Tiktok videos in my hotel room but most of all…

The vending machine of cake.



You heard me. It was all the rage. The beautiful red machine would drop a piece of chocolate, vanilla, or rainbow layered cake at the flick of a credit card. 

And you bet your sweet ass I got a slice! I got a piece of the rainbow cake and I’ve decided  I need one of these in my house. But it also needs to be stocked with donuts. Cake and donuts. Yep.

Not be weird, but like…buy all my books…so I can get this machine.

No, I didn’t ask l’husbun if we could get one.

But if one suddenly appears in our *ahem* bedroom, what is he gonna do? Say take it back?


But more importantly I need to write this magical machine somewhere into book 3.

After all, Vivien is clearly enjoying her vampire status of eating *whatever* the hell she wants without gaining an ounce. Living the dream! 

I feel she might even try to force employees to stock the machine with more than just cake.