The good, the bad, and the Book Shop

FIRST the hard news, and SECOND the fun news!

Last week, try as we might, our tough little house rabbit, Pancake, didn’t make it.

 My willful little bun is now over the rainbow bridge.

We worked very hard for over a month to get him help, he was gasping for breath, and I would rush to him with an oxygen machine all hours of the day and night.

 In the end, he crossed the rainbow bridge while we were still trying to get answers. Thankfully we’d at least reached a specialty vet who finally got us some answers. There was a deep underlying cause to why he couldn’t breathe and we likely couldn’t put our boy through that anyway.

We’ve spent our time grieving but the hardest part is seeing our sweet housebun, Ginger, who remains and continually looks for her husbun. Ugh, breaks my heart. We might have to get another furbaby before too long…

But it is by no means all deep sadness!!! 

I’m still in shock how Vegas Immortals is popping off, and I’m utterly thrilled how many people are amused by Vivien’s antics, are now swooning for Grim, or petitioning for their own reaper dog!

And I have a received a mass of DMs asking about how readers can get their hands on signed copies of my books.

Instead of fielding these one by one, which whoah nelly I’m not organized enough for that shiz lol

I've decided to open the shop again for a limited time!

But to everyone who messaged me condolences or congratulations over the last couple weeks, thank you so very much. I saw them all even if I wasn’t able to respond. 

My heart has spent a lot of time receiving all this love. And I’m so so very grateful.


P.S. are we still waiting on the audiobook for Seduced by Death???


I’m updating Audible every couple minutes for days now to see if the powers that be have approved it. 

You can bet your buns I’ll be jumping in your inbox to let you know when we are a GO!

NEW Covers for Vegas Immortals!

New Covers for Vegas Immortals

Do you remember the beautiful Special Edition covers? Well get excited because these covers are making their way to your Kindle! 

Well…sorta…you have to tell Kindle to update them. So here’s how you do that! 

  1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  2. Search for your Kindle book.
  3. If available, select Update Available, then select Update.

BOOM, you’re done and now have the most beautiful covers to show for it! 

These hardback covers are also still available for purchase on Amazon! If you missed the signed copies, but still find yourself wanting them, now’s your chance!

One Bad Knight Cover Reveal

I’m not the hero.

I’m the bad son they send to do the dirty work when the demons come out.

My brothers save lives, but I ruin them.

I ruined hers, years ago.

I should stay away from her.

But something might be coming for the girl I left in pieces all those years ago, and I might not be able to stay away.

The question is what’s more dangerous than me?
And can I for once, not ruin someone?

Gatsby’s standalone book is coming Fall of 2022

Did you know that Gatsby was first introduced in book 1 of Prophecy Girl. He definitely didn’t come off as the greatest guy, and to this day he claims he is no hero.

He is the bad son.

He has done bad things.

And he has continually popped up through each book in the Five Orders series, and through One Savage Knight claiming he won’t help anyone and yet…. he seems to show up and play a part in fighting back the forces of darkness.

I’ve known since book 1, Prophecy Girl, the dark secrets of Gatsby’s life, that not even his fellow Chevalier brothers can guess.

But it’s time we rip back the curtains to see if he is truly irredeemable and evil as he thinks. 

I slaaayed like Buffy!



The book signing at Romanticonn in Connecticut was a total success!

Granted, I didn’t breath for the 2 days and morning leading up to it, terrified about selling books IRL, but once the flood gates were opened and readers started milling about I fell right into my element.

Meaning, the first girl I saw wore a shirt that said “Vampires are sexy AF.” 

So I pointed at her and yelled, “You, yes you, you belong over here. Come to meeeeee!” 

I met some book loving personalities I’ve been watching on Tiktok – my favorites being @Briannas_Bookshelf @Sweetnspicybooks and @Speculativebookdragon 

if you are into the scene – go check them out and give them a follow for book fun!

In fact! I loaded Brianna up with signed books and she’s running a 🎉Giveaway 📚 for them right MEOW!

Check out Brianna’s Tiktok Giveaway HERE

And and I’m doing a 🎉Tiktok GIVEAWAY too! 📚 

Go check out my signed paperback series  and bookart Giveaway on Tiktok HERE

My Giveaway closes 7/28

NEW BOOK ART and a Nyquil high

Quick updates before we get to the JUICY bits.

The COVID finally tackled me like I was a delicious gazelle with a limp.

ie I went down.

Nothing serious thankfully, but I’m still recovering, amidst handling other massive looming life changes on the imminent horizon. #vagueonpurpose

And holy smokes, Seduced by Death comes out ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!

I might be shaking in my little booties if it weren’t for my AMAZING hellfire assistant, Leah, who is helping me keep things on track. She’s been with me for only a few months but Imma plate her in gold and never let her go. So throw an 80s fist pump in the air to mah girl for helping take care of book business!

No, I don’t care if you are in public.

Do it, pump your fist. Be weird with me!!!! Let us soak in it!!!!

Did I mention that the over the counter cold medicine makes me high? Everyone seems delighted by this development. 

I’m prone to discussing the tingling in my butt, how my knees keep falling up and down, not to mention general giggling followed by a sharp cut off to stare intently into a corner of the room at absolutely nothing.



On to the juicy bits !!!

The latest book art for Seduced by Death is in and it is the sexiest one yet!

PLUS I’m practically giving prints away….

Seduced by Death Book Art
 Check out the artist on Instagram @akoni.tea

The detail *GASP* between the deathly powers, the cupcake on the counter, and the reaper pup hiding around the counter I officially have hearts for eyes now.

And you KNOW I have to share this awesomeness as always! So it’s time for that preorder bonus!

👇👇 Read on for details on how to get this amazing art for your very own


Offer available thru 6/8

Seduced by Death ART PRINT!

For preordering Seduced by Death, I’ll send you this art print!

Click the button and fill out the form by 6/8 so I can send you this EXCLUSIVE book art as a thank you for preordering the ebook!

*maybe one day Amazon will let me have a paperback preorder option*

So thanks for your patience if I haven’t been super quick on response time as I’ve been down for the count. 

But omg release day is literally ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

Are you prepared for the laughs, the feels, and all the steaminess?

Believe me, you are going to just die.

Hehehehehe, get it?

Cause the main character is Death?


my butt is tingling

ARC TEAM OPEN! + Giveaway City

I’ve got so many cool ideas for the release of Seduced by Death, the last book in the Vegas Immortals series!!! 

And one I’m SUPER excited about is getting a logo designed for my fictional coffee shop, Perkatory. 💀☕

Get it? It’s a play of words on purgatory? The main character is Death? eyyyyyyy

I want to slap this logo on coffee cups, shirts, make stickers, ALL THE THINGS! Wouldn’t you love some secret nerdy romance java swag?

But I’m struggling to get a good design created. So far, I’ve had a couple freelance artists try but it never comes out right. 😔

Let’s cross our fingers and hope the artist I just hired (who specializes in skulls) has got this. 

I also struggled with a good tagline for Perkatory. Death before Decaf is a fantastic, obvious choice but I’ve taken it a step further… 

Perkatory – Good to the Last Breath. 


So hopefully, there will be a shop on the site with some cool swag by the time Seduced by Death releases. Stay tuned. 

All the Giveaways!

Whoa, I have not 1 but 2 Giveaways happening right now, Holly.

Obviously we need gifties to celebrate, so make sure to follow me in both places to get a better chance at getting goodies.

First, we reached 700 Hellions in my facebook reader group Holly’s Hellions!! 

Join the group then check out the Giveaway HERE

And second, we reached 6k followers on TikTok! Weeee!

Want to skip right to the giveaway video? Cool, HERE ya go!

Copy of 700 hellions

Become an ARCvenger

Limited time only!

Have you read books 1 and 2 in the Vegas Immortals series?

Do you want an advanced copy of the final book in exchange for a leaving a review on release day 6/9?

Click and find out about becoming an ARCvenger today! 

Surprise! I’m a lawyer now

This may come as a shock , but I’ve decided to no longer write books and instead become a LAWYER!

*cue Elle Woods from Legally Blonde* 
What? Like it’s hard?

Okay, let me back up.
I just got back from North Carolina for a beautiful beach wedding of one of my best friends, and before that I worked my butt off the last couple months to get Seduced by Death to the editors.

I pushed myself waaay harder than usual to make sure the ebook/paperback could come out the same time as the audiobook.

You’re excited for the audiobook!?!? I’ll circle back to that down below. 

As soon as I came home I finally collapsed. And picked up a horrible, tawdry vice that I’m positively giddy about.
I’m ADDICTED to watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial.

Everyone says they’re all about the highlights from this high profile, celebrity case, but I am legit watching the 8 hour long court case. 

Should I admit that ?!? I probably shouldn’t, but here we are…

After pushing so hard on this book, allll I want to do is sleep and watch this legal circus all day, every day to recover. 

This trial feels more like a game of petty jeopardy than the sophisticated renditions on television shows I’ve seen.

And what I’ve learned is I should TOTALLY be a lawyer cause I could do way better than some of the lawyers on Amber Heard’s side.

After watching 3 full days, I’m like pffft I could take the LSAT and slay it LOL

Okay probably not, but I’m having the time of my life.And my poor, sweet l’husbun. From the moment he wakes up to when he pops home for lunch, I’m like “Let me tell you! Let me tell you what just happened!”I’ve gone SO deep down the rabbit hole, that I also feel in love with the forensic psychologist (she’s deeply fabulous and clearly passionate about what she does) 

*Hamster brain ignites* 
WAIT! No. I don’t want to be a lawyer. I want to have her job! Studying the psychology of vets with PTSD!

Anywho, part of the assessment was that Amber Heard has Borderline Personality Disorder.
I was beyond fascinated, so much that I watched the psychologist talk about the assessment process TWICE.

So this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I scrolled Tiktok videos of people who have the disorder. They are incredibly candid about how exhausting it is and their difficulties maintaining relationships. *clutches heart*I want everyone to feel love! Life can be hard enough without a disorder. 
So by the time, I popped in the shower I was like, ooooh if I could write a character who has BPD and gets to have their happily ever after (with some vampires thrown in of course) I would be A GODDESS!
Honestly, not sure if I’m smart enough , or the right person to write that protagonist but omg that would be awwwwesome.

Long story short.

Maybe I’ll just stick to writing romance books. But *maybe* these occupations might sneak their way in somewhere. 

Anyone who says we don’t learn anything from TV clearly never met me. LOL!

So what I’m wondering is…am I literally going to be into this trial for the next four weeks?!?!?!

All signs point to yes.


While the trial is on the background, I’ve also been doing intense and absolutely delicious work on plotting One Bad Knight.

I know the preorder says November for release, but I anticipate it coming out many months sooner than that. 


Okay, remember that part about busting my butt to get the Seduced by Death audiobook out the same time as the ebook/paperback?

I didn’t bust my butt hard or fast enough.

*that’s what she said, eeyyyyy*

No, but seriously, I’m kind of bummed. I really tried to get this out fast enough, but I got sick for a week and that was enough to throw things off schedule.

SO! It appears the ebook/paperback will release June 9th as planned and the audiobook will make it’s debut in July.

This Week is Life Changing!

Holly this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my life.

And I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am!

*sucks in huge breath to share info like a four year old on 20 pixie sticks*

One of my TikTok videos about my books went viral and it jettisoned my book One Savage Knight up the ranks!

(want to see the video? Click here I’ve learned from this that all readers want to stick it to their ex LOL)

Never before had I broken a top 100 category in Amazon, but One Savage Knight shot up to #3 in Devils and Demons romance

And then! And then!

The next day Bitten by Death shot up as well! And for one blissfully amazing minute it was #1 in Vampire Romance!

I had that beautiful little orange sticker by my book that said “Bestseller” and I died.

Not to be dramatic, but literally, I died and shot straight down, landing on that big trampoline in hell, then rocketed into heaven, high-fived Betty White then came back down to earth to tell you. 

I’ve never sold so many books in my life and it’s been an absolute DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

It only took a real quick 10-12 years to get here.

So what’s next? Why another book of course! 

I hadn’t announced any new releases after Seduced by Death, but in lieu of all the new exciting traction I’m announcing it NOW!.

*Drum Roll*

Now available for Pre-Order

I'm not the hero. I'm the bad son they send to do the dirty work when the demons come out. My brothers save lives, but I ruin them. I ruined hers, years ago. I should stay away from her. But something might be coming for the girl I left in pieces all those years ago, and I might not be able to stay away. The question is what's more dangerous than me? And can I for once, not ruin someone? Gatsby's standalone book is coming Fall of 2022

“The End”

"The End"

I did it! I did it!

I put “The End” on Seduced by Death!

 Errrr kind of. 

If I’m being totally honest, finishing this book as been tough.

I feel like I’ve been on one end of a fishing pole. But instead of reeling a big fish out of the water, I’m trying to catch the steamy, mega explosive, buttery awesome romance finale you deserve!

Every day for the last three weeks I’ve been like “Today is the day I finish writing this book!”  But though I hammer away at it, the big climatic scene eluded me.

With each passing hour my anxiety grew until I had to *gulp* quit coffee.

WHHHHHY GOD WHYYYYY? *gets hold of self*

No, it’s okay. I didn’t want my heart to slam out of my chest ala alien style, so I switched my dark roast to earl grey tea for a warm beverage. 

I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure I stored coffee in my fat reserves and I’m just coasting off that continuous stream of energy. Similar but different from a hibernating bear using up his energy reserves. Though my poor l’husbun has had to deal with my psychotic, insomniac ass for weeks though I’m sure he wishes I was low key like a bear lol.

The secret ingredient was a babysitter. My lovely amazing author friend, Ellie Pond offered to meet me out at a coffee shop to work for the day. 

The pandemic has been hard trying to work in my house, because I need the buzz and flow of a coffee shop and I also need a buddy to keep me in check so I don’t screw around. I jumped so hard at the chance she had to use a bat to swat me back down lol

But after six hours with her and a lot of *tea* lattes (grumble)

I did it! I worked through that big ending scene!!!! *cue crowd cheering noises*

since you are my book bestie, we need to celebrate! I’ve already had a glass of champagne, but I think we both deserve a book too.

I bought Nikki St Crowe’s The Never King. I’ve heard a lot about this dark Peter Pan reverse harem book and I don’t even care if it ends on a cliffhanger. Bring it on.

What book are you going to get to celebrate with me?

See what I did there ? I thought you’d like that….

Las Vegas Immortals Street Team

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Sign up to be part of Holly’s Street Team for the release of Seduced by Death book 3 in the Las Vegas Immortals Series!

Street Team members will be provided with advanced e-book copies. Street team members will additionally receive book 1 (Bitten by Death) and book 2 (Kissed by Death).

Deliveries will be sent by bookfunnel. Starting with Bitten by Death, once the first book has been reviewed, you will receive Kissed by Death, to lead up to the release of Seduced by Death!

The expectation is to help hype up the Las Vegas Immortals series before Seduced by Death releases on June 9, 2022.

Filling out this application does not guarantee you a spot on the team. Once applications have been closed and reviewed, invitations will be extended via email.