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The Knight Watcher is an action-packed steamy paranormal romance and the prequel novella to The Five Orders Series.

She was given one job. Stand by and do nothing. 

Yet it may be the one thing she can’t do.

Diana was sent by her Order to bear witness.

She is to remain invisible. She is not to intervene.

When she royally screws that up, and loses her only means to get home, she must rely on the man she was sent to watch to keep her safe.

As a Knight of the Light, Gregory’s sole purpose is to hunt the dark creatures from a hell dimension.

After a mystery girl stumbles in, botching the job, he must drag her along to use her as bait to finish his mission.

Soon Diana realizes the event she has been sent to witness may be Gregory’s death.

Except now, she isn’t so sure she can stand by and watch the man she is falling for die.

Don’t miss the exciting beginning to “The Five Orders” series. 

Download this free novella now for a steamy, paranormal romance with a dash of 90s nostalgia

“Suspense and forbidden romance what more could you ask for in a novella. This was a short introduction into the authors new world and was a page turner.” 

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