Want to know where Holly plays and talks books? 

TikTok - @hollyroberdsauthor

Holly plays regularly in booktok land - usually relentlessly mocking her fans for her intense slow-burn to steamy style, or anyone who accuses her or her characters of being immature. *blows raspberry*

Known as that author with the horns, she will also ambush her beloved husband, known commonly as l'husbun, for book comedy gold

Holly's Hellions - reader facebook fan group

Holly's most rabid fans hang out in the facebook group for Flash U Fridays (sneak peeks at her WIP), Tarot Tuesdays - where she pulls tarot cards for readers who want a card, and irreverant witchy memes that will tickle your black, book loving soul.

Also, a great place to vote on details in her books and she's been known to write Hellions into the novels.

Read books. Raise Hell.

Instagram - @authorhollyroberds

Like the aesthetically pleasing hangout in Instagram? Holly also posts pictures of her food and pet rabbits, but not before sharing quotes from her books, before they've even released sometimes.

Giveaways and special reader opportunities will also show up on Holly's IG.

Facebook Page - @hollyroberdsauthorpage

Here is a page with the big updates for releases, giveaways, and reader updates.

There are also opportunities to find new books, book deals, and free book fair events on this page.

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