Reader Fan Group

Holly hangs out most frequently with her Facebook, super fan group – Holly’s Hellions.

Enjoy giveaways, memes, and get on the ground level of where her books come from. Vote on details that go into the books, and if you hang out enough, she may end up writing you into one!

Other highlights of the group:

Tarot Tuesday – where Holly goes Live and pulls tarot cards for readers who want them.

Flash U Fridays – unedited sneak peeks into her WIP


Never miss a release, book deal, and get the latest tea from Holly’s newsletter.

Here you’ll find bonus chapters, sneak peek scenes, and have a chance to vote on covers, characters and more!

If you miss the old school scholastic book fairs, Holly will routinely email you an adult romance bookfair, full of freebies and the latest, hot books.

Plus you get a FREE book for joining! 


IG is where you can get more of a peek into Holly’s life – from her writing, to her lovely husbun, to the hijinks of her two house rabbits. 

You’ll find great book art and quotes here that transport you into her world, as well as cozy reader vibes. 


BookTok is the hottest place to be to be and Holly makes tons of videos about the joys of problems of readers – especially when they’ve pledged fealty to an author who writes slow-burn to steamy, and doesn’t have that next book out yet. 

If you want to laugh your tits off, and enjoy irreverent authors sporting horns and tiara – definitely follow Holly for a hellalotta fun. 

Facebook Page

Follow Holly on her Facebook page to keep updated on her newest releases, sales, and giveaways.

Find out when she throws her book parties, and where things are heating up!

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