Copy of Unnamed Design (500 x 1280 px) (2)

Vegas Immortals

There hasn’t been a vampire in over 5 thousand years And it needs to remain that way.

So when a vampire turns up with no memories, there is only one being to handle matters of immortality.

Death himself is on the warpath, and mouthy vampires with extreme fashion tastes and the maturity of a twelve year old may send him over the edge.

Worst yet, he needs her help to find out who is trying to upset the balance among the Vegas Immortals.

The five Orders

Their romance is forbidden but nothing will keep them apart. Except maybe hell itself.

A secret knight, trained to fight the demons in the dark by the Order of Luxis, Calan has only ever known the mission. 

From a small mountain town in Colorado, Emma has only ever known romance between the pages of a book

When a demon brings these two together, heradling the beginning of a prophecy,  they’ll have to stick together if they want to save the world from the hell dimension known as the Stygian. But as the prophecy plays out, Calan and Emma find themselves surrounded by enemies. 

They’ll have to form their own ragged ranks to fight evil, if they want to make their own fate.

Copy of Unnamed Design (500 x 1280 px) (3)

Demon Knights

From the world of the Five Orders, the knights of the light are falling to the dark and demonic one by one 

The brotherhood faces a terrible prophecy in the wake of fighting hell on earth.

Each knight faces a darkness they’ve never known before. And when they meet their match in the women who challenge them, they’ll either be saved or succumb to a damned fate. 

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