Vegas Immortals has Returned.

Another preorder already?! I told you guys I was on top of it this year! 

It’s time for Miranda and Xander to have their say… I mean their story!  

Preorder for Breaking the Beast is up now! Let’s GOOOOOOOO!!!!!

COVER COMING SOON (This one is just a place holder for now!) 

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get some alone time to just read a book?

I’ve been too busy dealing with vampires, gods, and supernatural B.S. running amok on the Vegas Strip. But I’m no stranger to duty or kicking ass.

That’s the reason I’m the keeper of an ancient fae weapon known as the Blade of Bane.

I’ve been summoned by the god of the dead to wield it against the beast he keeps in his basement.

But nothing has prepared me for the danger I’m about to meet. While I’ve been in constant physical danger, I can’t remember the last time my heart was at risk.

I’m FINALLY spilling on the books for 2023! 🤩

So I’ve been somewhat quiet on all fronts – except Holly’s Hellions (if you aren’t in my FB fangroup, whaddya doing? Get the hell in here!)

I’ve been wintering and recovering from 2022, but it’s time I reassure you that YES! THERE ARE BOOKS COMING IN 2023!

…I meant for that meant sound excited, but now I realize it sounds like I’m yelling to convince you of something that isn’t true lol

But it is true! I’ve been in deep creative mode and it’s time I share what’s coming in 2023.

First off, I have never been so freaking thrilled as I have this year to have so many readers pop into my DM’s or reader group and say things like.

“Hey! I finished the 3 Vegas Immortals books, where is the 4th book available?”


“Holly, when is Xander and Miranda’s book coming out?”

“Where is Timothy and Aaron’s love story?”

“Don’t forget, Marcella needs her own happy ending!”

“What the hell is going on with Bianca and Fallon?

You greedy bastards. 


I’ve been playing coy, like whaaa? I don’t know what y’all are talking about…

But I’m a filthy liar.

I know exactly why you keep asking, because I planted all that in your precious little brain, totally planning to come back around and deliver on all of it.

And I’m done teasing you.

So guess what? More Vegas Immortals books are coming atchu in 2023! 

2022 was a kickass year

2022 has been one hell of a year for me .

Not only did I move back home to Colorado from New Hampshire (woof but YAAAAAY)

I still managed to write and publish three awesome, spicy books

One Savage Knight
Seduced by Death
One Bad Knight

I played on Tiktok a ton

Had my first book signing in Connecticut

Lost a beloved fur baby (RIP Lil’ P’cakes, most bodacious of rabbits)

but Vegas Immortals became a best selling series!!

Can I tell you that I am SO grateful you let me in your email, and oh my stars, you are even READING THIS! Gah this is the best.

YOU are the best.

And I’d love to know one great thing that happened to or for you in 2022, or maybe a book you read this year that you really loved

Want to be IN one of my stories?!

Have you been missing Grim? The god of the dead has been missing YOU. Enjoy this personalized little love note story where YOU are the heroine and object of the Grim Reaper’s attention.

Want to party with Grim?

Everyone needs a little self insert story right? What are you waiting for Daddy Death is waiting!

You’ve been in a funk lately. So your friends convince you to not only go to Vegas for the weekend, but also to try and get into the Wolf Town club on a Friday night.

You’re not even sure you can get in the club, it’s super exclusive and you’ve only heard about the Las Vegas hotel owner enforcing that law.

Even a picture of Grim Scarapelli make your insides quake and a heat flush through your body. With his sexy dark hair, and tailored suits, he has a refined edge to what you imagine a much darker, primal, dangerous side. In the bathroom, you slide that perfect shade of lipstick across your lips that makes you feel like the incredible woman you are – even if your outfit feels like it’s painted on as a second skin.

You hate to admit to yourself that you really need this. A boost. Something to break up the hum drum that has settled into your skin like a gray malaise.

You used to be vibrant dammit! And tonight, you absolutely will be, again.

The line is ridiculously long of people wearing glitz, seven inch stilettos’, and desperation. You almost join the back of the line but one of your most extroverted friends has an in with Wolf Town bouncer and you follow your group.

You are plunged into the pulsating beat of the club, violet neon lights crawl over your body and the crowd thrumming to the beat. While you’re friends sidle up to the bar, you stay back a few steps. Normally, a club like this would overwhelm you, grate against your ears, nerves, and brain. But everything feels like velvet brushing against you. A deep grounding sensation starts in your belly and pulls you into the floor, making you stand taller.

A prickling on your skin has you look up. Balconies float overhead, where partiers likely get their bottle service. And you meet the familiar golden brown eyes you’ve only seen on a screen.

Even at this distance you feel on the edge of oblivion, as he stares you down. Sleeves rolled up, you see the tendons flex in his forearms as he grasps the railing, still staring at you with a dark hunger.

You blink and he’s gone. You realize you haven’t been breathing and bouts of cold and heat wash through your body in tumultuous waves. Maybe you imagined it. Maybe it’s not Grim…You turn to check on your friends and smash straight into the broad, muscled chest. A blend of dark amber and something spicy wraps around you. The man, no, Grim Scarapelli is so much more than a man, backs you up against a wall, before blocking you in with two powerful arms.

You want him to touch you so bad, your shaking. Then dips down so his hot breath strokes your ear as he says,

“Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna turn around and desert you.”

Enjoy the turkey and a FREE book!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

If you love the chaotic energy of Krystan and Travis from the Five Orders/Demon Knights series, you are DEFO going to want to read this short story that takes place before they ever hooked up or had an oopsie baby…. Because is thanksgiving without absolute chaos in the kitchen, gremlins, and explosive tension!

What do you think?

Do I need to make a special edition with this peachy cover available?

While you’re all enjoying the post Thanksgiving naps and relaxation, grab the Ghouling Thanks short story! It’s free for a limited time Wednesday (11/23 – 11/24)

This book is PEACHY 🍑

You may have heard me mention this before, but it’s important I make a big deal out of it. 

Especially now that the book One Bad Knight has been released. 

I wrote butt stuff in this one. Let’s refer to it as 🍑(peach) stuff  going forward as it has a classier ring to it.

Holly, Why? Why do you need to draw so much attention to this? You are being a bit crass.

Okay okay okay well here’s the deal. 

I got fussy when Seduced by Death came out and I got two/three chili peppers out of five (this is how we rate steam/spicy level of books now)

Because IMO that last book was hottttt 🔥🔥🔥

So I took it is a personal offense. 

Why didn’t I get more?? 

What do I got to do to earn another chili pepper? 

*light bulb*

omg, it’s 🍑 stuff isn’t it. I bet it is!!!

And thus, I made a goal for myself. Seeking out the 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ rating.

Having never written such scenes before (but certainly reading it) I became all about this social experiment to see what rating I would get for spice. 

Basically, you could say I’m like a scientist. *adjusts goggles and labcoat*

ANNNND I’m also my own cover designer, so at the behest of my author “friends” I made an alternate cover. One that glorifies this experiment.

***friends is in quotes because apparently the assignment was a joke and they kept telling me to stop d!cking around making a peach cover when I started to actually do it. RUDE***

What do you think?

Do I need to make a special edition with this peachy cover available?

Gatsby has Arrived

Gatsby has ARRIVED!

This is the spiciest book I’ve written – complete with some uh peach scenes if you get what I mean *wink wink winkity wink wink*

oh you don’t know?

It’s butt stuff. There I said it. 

I tried my hand at writing butt stuff. And mouth and uhhh…okay I’ll stop.

Now if for nothing else, you will have to read this book out of curiosity.

Am I above cheap theatrics? Absolutely not. 

Though this may actually be the most serious book I’ve penned, and the angst and the smut are *chefs kiss*

Ooooor you might want to read it for the extremely dark, cynical bad boy Gatsby who comes back with ALL the damage for his first love who he met when they were but children – giving us those dark Peter Pan vibes.



Preorder Gift

I’ve got a sexy One Bad Knight book bonus for you.

If you have already pre-ordered your copy One Bad Knight

if you haven’t, where have you been?!

…your pre-order bonus includes a steamy Gatsby 5×7 art print! Made by my amazing artist, Marina.

Check this book art out and tell me your not obsessed. Go on. Just try!

Swooooon. Gatsby is bad to the bone and here he is – a hot mess – squatting in an abandoned building, ready for trouble. Or rather ready to make trouble.

Need a little more to sink your teeth into before committing to this bad boy?

This is the spiciest book I’ve written yet! Let’s see if this wets your whistle 😏 

Prickles of danger raced up my spine, as I sensed the presence of someone taller and broader coming up from behind. I shivered. When I tried to turn toward him, strong hands grabbed my hips, keeping me facing forward.

He immediately set me into a rhythm that was half time to the music. Time slowed down, as a muscled wall met my bare back. I could feel the ridges of his warm pectorals, and the contact felt pornographic for such a public place.

Whereas my previous partner made eye contact, getting nonverbal consent to dance with me, this guy had come up from behind and encroached on my space. No matter how titillating I found this man, I had standards. I jerked away, ready to head to the other side of the bar and away from the dangerous entity at my back. But his fingers dug into my hips, pulling me back against him again. He didn’t want me facing him or walking away.

The combination of the rough movement and the intoxicating scent of sex pheromones and virile man rolled over me. Despite myself, my knees turned to jelly and liquid heat gathered at my center. Visions of what else his rough hands could do ran through my imagination.

I was so used to being treated like a porcelain doll; I almost welcomed his brazen moves. But I still didn’t submit to anyone, no matter how hot.

I tilted my head to the side, so he could hear me when I shouted. “You chased my date away.”

I could only catch the wicked curve of his lips, and another ripple raced down my spine, informing my brain how screwed I was. Because a lower portion of my body was now in charge.

The man aligned his mouth to the side of my head, so he didn’t have to shout. His hot breath fanned against my ear and my nipples instantly tightened. “You were dancing with me before I came over.”

“Who says I want to dance with you?” Even as I said the words, an achy heat spread between my legs, and I squeezed them together as if I could keep the sudden wetness at bay. The bass of the music traveled up my feet, past my legs, penetrating my lower belly, only making it worse.

“Who says we ever stopped?” His voice rumbled through the column of my neck.

Preorder HERE, then click the button below and fill out the form so you can receive this EXCLUSIVE art print when the book comes out.

All pre-orders must be submitted to the Google form
Submit before the book goes live on October 31, 2022. 

The Final Audiobook has Dropped! 🙌

Holy WHAT???? HOLLY, IS THIS FOR REAL? It is, dear reader.

Get excited!! The audiobook for Seduced by Death is complete, and already available for purchase and download. 

And with the new covers on those lickable audio versions? 

Forget about it!

I mean no, wait, don’t forget about it !!!!!!! 

Get it right meow before you do!!!

This means you can now blow through the COMPLETE set of Vegas Immortals audiobooks today! Who doesn’t love a good book binge?