I’m FINALLY spilling on the books for 2023! 🤩

So I’ve been somewhat quiet on all fronts – except Holly’s Hellions (if you aren’t in my FB fangroup, whaddya doing? Get the hell in here!)

I’ve been wintering and recovering from 2022, but it’s time I reassure you that YES! THERE ARE BOOKS COMING IN 2023!

…I meant for that meant sound excited, but now I realize it sounds like I’m yelling to convince you of something that isn’t true lol

But it is true! I’ve been in deep creative mode and it’s time I share what’s coming in 2023.

First off, I have never been so freaking thrilled as I have this year to have so many readers pop into my DM’s or reader group and say things like.

“Hey! I finished the 3 Vegas Immortals books, where is the 4th book available?”


“Holly, when is Xander and Miranda’s book coming out?”

“Where is Timothy and Aaron’s love story?”

“Don’t forget, Marcella needs her own happy ending!”

“What the hell is going on with Bianca and Fallon?

You greedy bastards. 


I’ve been playing coy, like whaaa? I don’t know what y’all are talking about…

But I’m a filthy liar.

I know exactly why you keep asking, because I planted all that in your precious little brain, totally planning to come back around and deliver on all of it.

And I’m done teasing you.

So guess what? More Vegas Immortals books are coming atchu in 2023! 

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