2022 was a kickass year

2022 has been one hell of a year for me .

Not only did I move back home to Colorado from New Hampshire (woof but YAAAAAY)

I still managed to write and publish three awesome, spicy books

One Savage Knight
Seduced by Death
One Bad Knight

I played on Tiktok a ton

Had my first book signing in Connecticut

Lost a beloved fur baby (RIP Lil’ P’cakes, most bodacious of rabbits)

but Vegas Immortals became a best selling series!!

Can I tell you that I am SO grateful you let me in your email, and oh my stars, you are even READING THIS! Gah this is the best.

YOU are the best.

And I’d love to know one great thing that happened to or for you in 2022, or maybe a book you read this year that you really loved

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