Vegas Immortals Soundtrack

Listen to the Vegas Immortals Soundtrack on Spotify while you Read

Listen to the music that inspired the books in Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire on this Spotify Playlist cultivated by the author. 

From the dark, dangerous, and deathly tunes to the take no prisoners, sassy rock, you can tap into this book on a whole new vibe level.

Grim’s Theme Song: “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” by MISSIO

or “Oh Death” by Jen Titus ” >>> not available on Spotify playlist but you can listen here >> 

Vivien’s Theme Song: “People I Don’t Like” by Upsahl or “Blur” by MO

Timothy’s Theme Song: “Mambo Rap” by Parov Stelar

Qwynn’s Theme Song:  “Glory Box” by Portishead 

Miranda: “River” by Bishop Briggs

Bianca: “Paris” by Yael Naim

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