The next Lost Girl up is...

Hey, remember when I was like – “I’m going to write a standalone 🌶️ spicy fairytale retelling!” ?

Cue both my assistants laughing uproariously in the distance with smug knowing 🤣🤣🙄

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can’t help that I love writing found family and side characters that beg for their own story. 

I blame the Poison Apple bar that Rapunzel aka Rap runs.
It’s a breeding ground for bringing in new characters I’m realizing.

And when I wrote Tasting Red – I may have had an inkling that my tatted up, goth, Asian version of Cinderella needs her time to shine.

And if you didn’t read the first two Lost Girls books – let’s recap:

  • Cinder is the quiet friend who you know would quietly stab your enemies in the gut on your behalf
  • Cinder does NOT liked to be touched
  • Cinder doesn’t talk about her past
  • She knows how to make a damn good cocktail
  • About to develop some seriously unstable witchy powers

This is not the sweet, bird befriending, singing princess you knew. This girl is all piercings and jagged glass edges.

But let me just say – the plans I have for Prince Charming trying to well…charm her is going to be absolutely EXPLOSIVE!!! 💥💥💥

And it’s up for preorder MEOW!!


Also I need say a massive thank you to anyone who read  Chasing Goldie because it has by far been my biggest release and the response has left me astounded. 🥹🥹🥹

I knew writing a plus size character was something I’d do at some point, but the response to her representation, her mindset, and her spirit has been epic. 

Thank you for reading, reviewing, messaging me, telling a friend – this has made for some ✨ seriously powerful magic ✨ in my life.