Ever been stuck between an alpha and a hard place?


In a world where mages, faes, and humans coexist, I, Goldie, am taking a stand – swearing off the male species entirely. Ironically, all of them start throwing themselves at me with almost supernatural fervor the minute I make my vow. All except for one man, that is…

When I move into a crumbling Victorian mansion, I didn’t know my unexpected inheritance would come with a neighbor who is a rugged alpha bear shifter with an alpha complex.

He also comes with not one, but two baggage-laden brothers and a knack for turning my blood into molten lava. Oh, and did I mention the weird habit of finding myself in one of their beds each morning?

My grumpy neighbor does *not* appreciate my friendly nature, and now we are locked in a heated feud that may bring down the whole house.

As darker threats close in from both our worlds, we’ll need to bury the porridge to navigate the fine line between hate, love, and survival.

You can jump into the Lost Girls series right now! Meet the hot fairytale inspired ladies who run the Poison Apple bar under Rap aka Rapunzel

And find out if the Big Bad Wolf can resist Red, when he’s been tasked to take out her grandmother 🤯

AHHHH!!! This has been the biggest release I’ve ever had!

I can’t believe the buzz that this book has generated 😳😳🤩

Maybe it’s because my plus size heroine is the bomb.com

Maybe it’s because of Goldie and Ted are the best grumpy/sunshine duo because when Goldie moves in she is determined to be the BEST neighbor ever and he wants none of it, and the singing telegram may push him one straw too far 😈😈😈

Maybe it’s because the Goldilocks retelling hits the mark –  Goldie keeps waking up Ted’s house with no recollection of how she got there. The mystery of her sleepwalking break-ins gets super juicy

Maybe it’s because this book brings the SPICE!!! 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

In any case, I’m freaking psyched out of my tiny little mind that so many readers are gobbling this story up!!!!! 🥹🥹

If you’ve read, if you’ve reviewed thank you THANK YOU!

Hell, if you opened any email from me ever, I’m grateful you’ve shared any scrap of attention when it can go a billion other places…like tiktok dances, or doctor pimple popper, or to your pet.

And in return I vow to keep emailing you silly nonsense, and write books that make you laugh, cry, hate me, heal you, and that definitely get your oven cooking, if you know what I mean – *wink wink nudge nudge*

okay i immediately regret that euphemism. Pretend I never said it, k thanx. You’re a gem.