As you may know, I have not one but two badass assistants and they both have early access to my next book while it’s in edits but it has sparked a THROWDOWN between me and the lovely Madame of the Hellions aka Tara aka she manages my fan group Holly’s Hellions

And am I bringing you in to settle this bookish fight?

You’re damn right I am!

So here’s the rub.

Let’s just say…there is a line in my upcoming release – Chasing Goldie – the spicy fairytale retelling of Goldilocks and her grumpy bear shifter neighbor

(no, it’s not reverse harem, more than one bear peen might kill her. Yeah! it’s that good!)

So let’s say our grumpy bear shifter says to Goldie something similar to this…


“Who’s a good girl for daddy?”

Having read said scene, my Hellfire manager staunchly insists that the line should actually be…

“Who’s a good girl for papa?”

And if you don’t immediately get why she pitched it, I’ve already won this fight.


Because she insists that I could do a deeper cut to the fairytale thing…get it? Papa bear, mama bear, baby bear?

And don’t tell her I said this, but she’s got a point. It’s a good idea until we get to the dismount (reread line above)

Honestly, I’ve never gone for the ‘daddy’ thing (remind me to tell you about that time I soft pitched it to l’husbun🀣) but I love trying new things to see what readers like.

And the actual line (not the example I gave you) I try it out in goes for 1000% shock value.

This line will either kick out of the story so you fall flat on your face and curse my name,

or… you’ll be absolutely fucking titillated.

What can I say? I like to live on the edge, feel the fireπŸ”₯, do what I want!!!

But don’t worry, if it does kick you out, I’ll reel you back in. Just like I always do! Remember that time I made you cry? And then you still came back?

That was you, right? πŸ˜…

But because I do still care what readers want (I mean second to my own evil machinations) we took our fight to the Hellions fan group and the poll is blowing up with feedback about how readers feel about ‘daddy’ and/or ‘papa’ and the results have Tara and me rolling in tears! 🀣🀣🀣

So I HIGHLY recommend you jump in the Holly’s Hellions group and add your two cents (respectfully of course)