So I tried to run a sale for my Death and the Last Vampire omnibus and what a fun little nightmare.

Mommy and daddy were fighting and it wasn’t pretty.

By that I mean me and Amazon – which one of is bad at math (yours truly) and Amazon wouldn’t help me get things resorted so the sale both started late and ended early.

Okay, mostly my fault, but what the heck is the PDT timezone. (don’t worry many reader fans have sine explained lolol including l’husbun)

Boooooo. Thanks for dealing that nonsense.

I hated how that turned out SO much that I conferred (plotted?) with my Hellfire team and we decided we needed ANOTHER SALE!

And with our merch sale stocked up with signed books and BRAND NEW shirts, mugs, and totes

It’s definitely time to treat yo’self.

NEW Tasting Red merch is here!

Get your Poison Apple & Lost Girls merch now!

BUT that’s not it! We have merch for Vegas Immortals now as well, don’t forget to grab you’re favorite artwork to go with your order!

Use code: NEWMERCH at checkout for 15% of apparel items!

Also, are you chomping at the bit to read Chasing Goldie, The next book in the Poison Apple series?

Every Friday I post a FLASHUFRIDAY (a completely raw, unedited look at what I’m writing) in my Facebook fan group Holly’s Hellions and here is a little lookeyloo

and here is what I posted this week

Goldie aka Goldielocks may have made an enemy of her bear shifter neighbor and he is NONE too happy about her attempts to be the BEST NEIGHBOR EVER

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