Let me start this off by saying I’m brilliant.

Way to come in hot and douchey, Holly

Okay okay, that’s fair.

But every since Breaking the Beast came out 2 weeks ago, I keep meaning to look up and personally thank whoever it was that inspired me for a particular pillowy subplot in this hot new release

Pillowy? What are you talking about, Holly?

oooh have you read it yet?!! Cause light spoiler ahead

Like Diet Coke but Diet Spoiler, or Spoiler Light

Holly, you aren’t making sense again, you little idiot

Your right, let’s take a look and the inspo for this epic subplot to Miranda and Xander’s hot and tawdry affair in Breaking the Beast

Two words: Pillow Fight!

I thought the idea came from a reader in my kickass reader group Holly’s Hellions – but going back I found the post and realized it’s the almighty meme lords who gave me this idea Of course, my Hellions *immediately* jumped all over it, encouraging this madness 🤣

Dooooooooo eeeet, Holly!!!!! And I LOVE how this fun subplot gives life to Vivien and Grim from VI: Death & the Last Vampire so many readers are obsessed with their chaos and we found the perfect way to keep it rolling.

Don’t believe me? Or want a refresher?

Let’s start a war…with Death. 😈

Excerpt from Breaking the Beast

I was about to respond when a dark shadow advanced from behind my best friend. With a quick look around, I noticed how suddenly empty the lobby was. A spike of cold fear shot through my stomach.

Then the dark mass came into focus, and I recognized Grim in his black suit. He held a finger to his lips, motioning for me to keep silent.

But Vivien already noticed I’d become distracted. Her eyes widened as she whipped around, arm swinging to land a punch.

Grim easily caught it. She threw out the other fist and he twisted her by the first arm until her back was to him. She tried to kick him, but he dodged out of the way. Their movements were concise and supernaturally fast as they fought.

Grim locked down both of her wrists in one hand behind her back, forcing her to face me again. The whites of Vivien’s eyes nearly swallowed her irises as if she knew what terrible fate was about to befall her.

A fluffy white pillow poofed against her face with a gentle pat. When it dropped away, Vivien still wore the same stunned expression.“That makes six to four,” Grim said in a low rumbling voice before dropping a kiss on her cheek. He released her arms and turned to me. “Hello Miranda. I’d stay to chat, but my staying would only put me in danger.”

And then he was gone, pillow and all.

“That sonofabitch,” Vivien railed, throwing her hands up.

“So you’re losing the war huh?” I was grateful for a distraction from my talking sword problem. Which was an even greater distraction from getting off on Xander’s magnificent boner.

It was a Russian nesting doll of distractions.

“I ain’t losing nothing,” she said, holding out a finger. Vivien was incensed. “It isn’t over until it’s over.”
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