Eyyyy the girl who wrote a paranormal series called Vegas Immortals is actually IN Las Vegas this week.

L’husbun has a conference out here in the desert land of sin, and they put him up in the Luxor

… you know…the big black glass pyramid building?

The hotel I rebranded in my books for the Egyptian God of the Dead?

Ehh? Ehh? poke poke prod prod

Yes, gaaaawd, Holly we get it.

Well, when l’husbun asked if I wanted to tag along, I said “I’m in!”

I mean, seems like a no brainer.

Especially since I just released book one in the new Vegas Immortals series – The Beast and the Badass.

If you’ve read Breaking the Beast, you know far below the pyramid hotel is a prison where a feral, out of control god is being kept.

And if you read it, you also know I need to get my ass to writing book 2 so you get more answers!!!

So here I am, drawing inspiration from the neon lights, outrageous buffets, and loud casino machines.

Ps I’ve been seeing a lot about readers fearful that book 2 – Claiming the Beast won’t be out for another year but fear not! – the date on the preorder is a mere placeholder 

I currently plan to have book 2 out in January/February of 2024

Now, I haven’t been to the pyramid hotel since I was 19 and while I was in awe at the time of the Egyptian themed structure, this visit has me really wishing Grim ran the place.

Because dammit, Grim would have a dang mini fridge in every room!

Bitches love mini fridges.

I am bitches.

And boy, the rooms sure do have dark pyramid cavern vibes – even with all the lights on

It’s got me thinking about my reinvention of the hotel and things I would tweak further in my fantasy version

Like how I’ve really downplayed the casino part in Sinopolis. so maybe I need to jack that aspect up in the next book

In Breaking the Beast – Xander and Miranda are hella competitive over a game of Candy Land and then their competitiveness gets… uh… pretty heated

So maybe I need to throw them in a casino vibe and have them gamble on a bit more? Raise the stakes?

But the hell do I know about gambling?

I don’t even know how to work the penny slots

Or maybe I need to just boil it down to a good old fashioned game of strip poker?

But I need to get out of Vegas – mentally speaking that is

Because between playing and acting the part of dutiful wife with l’husbun’s business associates, I’m hard at work writing Chasing Goldie – the follow up to Tasting Red

So I’m gonna go write more words now so I can get ALL the books to you faster!

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