So i’ve been kind of hunkered down the last couple months

(although hello 2 releases in 2 weeks)

Death and the Last Vampire

Breaking the Beast

The last 2 months have been buying a house, then it was renovations, and the moving in and nesting

and , i nest HARD.

There won’t be any living out of boxes for 6 months.

In 2 weeks I have us 90% moved in. I’m talking pictures on the wall, books on the shelves, and furniture assembled.

My GOD there has been a lot of furniture assembly

blows on burning finger tips and rubs pulled ass muscles

Including but not limited to my new obsession – a chandelier with a HIDDEN blades that comes out when you turn the fan on!

You can see my sweet l’husbun putting it together in my office.

I saw one of these baby’s in my friend’s house years ago and swore to Grim that one day, ONE day I would have one of my own!

Today is that day, my friend.

I am soooo happy with our new library.

I’m all ready for you to come over and have tea with me while we read together, so grab your stuff and head on over!

And check out my office, with the beautiful gold bookcases

( i spent 8 full hours putting those beautiful ladies together with chapped finger tips but so worth it)

I don’t know about you, but I’m SUPER affected by my physical environment.

After moving a bunch of times the last 5 years – most of them back and forth between the east coast and back to Colorado, I feel soooooo good putting roots down.

Don’t cry, Holly. don’t make it weird

sniffle right, right, sorry.

and while we’ve been in a lovely apartment for the last year but having it serve as both my office, my husband’s office AND cramming our book cases… in there was a lot

I didn’t realize how claustrophobic I felt until moving

Now I feel parts of me coming alive that I hadn’t felt in so long. I’m talking pre-plague years!

I think it’s a sign I feel safe, grounded and balanced

Hot damn.

Which is good news for your book consumption. baby.

While I’m still riding the release of Breaking the Beast

and whoa mama the response is still blowing me away (in the good way to clarify)

I’m already deep into writing Chasing Goldie – the follow up to Tasting Red.

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