Remember  when I said something AWESOME was coming?!

Well SURPRISE! I am releasing Death and the Last Vampire as a complete series with not one but TWO bonus chapters!!!

Hint hint : think wedding vibes

Apparently bitches love weddings

…don’t lie, you are also bitches

I know I am!!!!

Now gimme some cake

This release is ESPECIALLY timely since Breaking the Beast comes out in mere weeks. EEK!

And while you could start in with Miranda and Xander cold, I know some readers are gearing up to reread Vivien and Grim’s whirlwind romance before moving on.

So now, there are some bonus epilogues included that you may or may not have read a long scary walk down the aisle and for my Timothy/Aaron shippers there is a moment between them that you WON’T want to miss.

Available in ebook on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited June 29th

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