Do you guys liked signed books? I like signed books and I LOVE signing them for you! Which is why I’m super excited for next year! I’ve some fun in person events planned like Flirty in Kansas and Readers Take Denver 2024! Wanna keep up with my awesome in person events? I’ve added a brand new page to my website to keep you updated on the newest information available!

Keep your eyes on this page, you never know what could mysteriously pop up around September 😉

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get some alone time to just read a book?

I’ve been too busy dealing with vampires, gods, and supernatural B.S. running amok on the Vegas Strip. But I’m no stranger to duty or kicking ass.

That’s the reason I’m the keeper of an ancient fae weapon known as the Blade of Bane.

I’ve been summoned by the god of the dead to wield it against the beast he keeps in his basement.

But nothing has prepared me for the danger I’m about to meet. While I’ve been in constant physical danger, I can’t remember the last time my heart was at risk.

Coming July 2023. 

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