Okay we have been going HAAM on the Tasting Red book and I am officially confirming there will be more books of the lost girls aka Goldie, Cinder, and Rap!!!

Y’all have been INSATIABLE about wanting more of Brex, Red, and the gang and I absolutely love it.

But FIRST! Where are my Vegas Immortals peeps?

You remember right? My little three book diddy about the Grim Reaper, the mildly psycho but super fun vampire Vivien and the reaper dogs of adorableness?

Well there is some SUPER exciting stuff coming for you in the Vegas Immortals world, including but not limited to

A new trilogy

Miranda, Vivien’s badass tough as nails bestie meeting the beastly god Grim keeps in his basement (whaaa?)
More of Timothy and Aaron’s will they/won’t they scorching hot tension
and more supernatural floofs!
And oh what’s this? A MOTHAHFUCKIN COVER REVEAL???!!!

The Beast & the Badass: Book 1 COVER REVEAL!

Miranda and Xander are an absolute firestorm!!!

But I have some updates though, so listen up.

Cup that pretty hand to your ear.

Originally this book was set to release June 15 but I’ve pushed it back to July.


Okay okay there is a SUPER good reason! If you are a Vegas Immortals lover, I’ve got a surprise coming for you between now and then that you are gonna gobble up like a fat kid with a cake.

…. that imagery excited me and now I need cake. Mmmmm cake.

But back to my point! I’ll drop in your inbox again soon to reveal more on this deadly good surprise!

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