You may have heard me mention this before, but it’s important I make a big deal out of it. 

Especially now that the book One Bad Knight has been released. 

I wrote butt stuff in this one. Let’s refer to it as 🍑(peach) stuff  going forward as it has a classier ring to it.

Holly, Why? Why do you need to draw so much attention to this? You are being a bit crass.

Okay okay okay well here’s the deal. 

I got fussy when Seduced by Death came out and I got two/three chili peppers out of five (this is how we rate steam/spicy level of books now)

Because IMO that last book was hottttt 🔥🔥🔥

So I took it is a personal offense. 

Why didn’t I get more?? 

What do I got to do to earn another chili pepper? 

*light bulb*

omg, it’s 🍑 stuff isn’t it. I bet it is!!!

And thus, I made a goal for myself. Seeking out the 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ rating.

Having never written such scenes before (but certainly reading it) I became all about this social experiment to see what rating I would get for spice. 

Basically, you could say I’m like a scientist. *adjusts goggles and labcoat*

ANNNND I’m also my own cover designer, so at the behest of my author “friends” I made an alternate cover. One that glorifies this experiment.

***friends is in quotes because apparently the assignment was a joke and they kept telling me to stop d!cking around making a peach cover when I started to actually do it. RUDE***

What do you think?

Do I need to make a special edition with this peachy cover available?

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