FIRST the hard news, and SECOND the fun news!

Last week, try as we might, our tough little house rabbit, Pancake, didn’t make it.

 My willful little bun is now over the rainbow bridge.

We worked very hard for over a month to get him help, he was gasping for breath, and I would rush to him with an oxygen machine all hours of the day and night.

 In the end, he crossed the rainbow bridge while we were still trying to get answers. Thankfully we’d at least reached a specialty vet who finally got us some answers. There was a deep underlying cause to why he couldn’t breathe and we likely couldn’t put our boy through that anyway.

We’ve spent our time grieving but the hardest part is seeing our sweet housebun, Ginger, who remains and continually looks for her husbun. Ugh, breaks my heart. We might have to get another furbaby before too long…

But it is by no means all deep sadness!!! 

I’m still in shock how Vegas Immortals is popping off, and I’m utterly thrilled how many people are amused by Vivien’s antics, are now swooning for Grim, or petitioning for their own reaper dog!

And I have a received a mass of DMs asking about how readers can get their hands on signed copies of my books.

Instead of fielding these one by one, which whoah nelly I’m not organized enough for that shiz lol

I've decided to open the shop again for a limited time!

But to everyone who messaged me condolences or congratulations over the last couple weeks, thank you so very much. I saw them all even if I wasn’t able to respond. 

My heart has spent a lot of time receiving all this love. And I’m so so very grateful.


P.S. are we still waiting on the audiobook for Seduced by Death???


I’m updating Audible every couple minutes for days now to see if the powers that be have approved it. 

You can bet your buns I’ll be jumping in your inbox to let you know when we are a GO!

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