I’m not the hero.

I’m the bad son they send to do the dirty work when the demons come out.

My brothers save lives, but I ruin them.

I ruined hers, years ago.

I should stay away from her.

But something might be coming for the girl I left in pieces all those years ago, and I might not be able to stay away.

The question is what’s more dangerous than me?
And can I for once, not ruin someone?

Gatsby’s standalone book is coming Fall of 2022

Did you know that Gatsby was first introduced in book 1 of Prophecy Girl. He definitely didn’t come off as the greatest guy, and to this day he claims he is no hero.

He is the bad son.

He has done bad things.

And he has continually popped up through each book in the Five Orders series, and through One Savage Knight claiming he won’t help anyone and yet…. he seems to show up and play a part in fighting back the forces of darkness.

I’ve known since book 1, Prophecy Girl, the dark secrets of Gatsby’s life, that not even his fellow Chevalier brothers can guess.

But it’s time we rip back the curtains to see if he is truly irredeemable and evil as he thinks. 

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