Quick updates before we get to the JUICY bits.

The COVID finally tackled me like I was a delicious gazelle with a limp.

ie I went down.

Nothing serious thankfully, but I’m still recovering, amidst handling other massive looming life changes on the imminent horizon. #vagueonpurpose

And holy smokes, Seduced by Death comes out ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!

I might be shaking in my little booties if it weren’t for my AMAZING hellfire assistant, Leah, who is helping me keep things on track. She’s been with me for only a few months but Imma plate her in gold and never let her go. So throw an 80s fist pump in the air to mah girl for helping take care of book business!

No, I don’t care if you are in public.

Do it, pump your fist. Be weird with me!!!! Let us soak in it!!!!

Did I mention that the over the counter cold medicine makes me high? Everyone seems delighted by this development. 

I’m prone to discussing the tingling in my butt, how my knees keep falling up and down, not to mention general giggling followed by a sharp cut off to stare intently into a corner of the room at absolutely nothing.



On to the juicy bits !!!

The latest book art for Seduced by Death is in and it is the sexiest one yet!

PLUS I’m practically giving prints away….

Seduced by Death Book Art
 Check out the artist on Instagram @akoni.tea

The detail *GASP* between the deathly powers, the cupcake on the counter, and the reaper pup hiding around the counter I officially have hearts for eyes now.

And you KNOW I have to share this awesomeness as always! So it’s time for that preorder bonus!

👇👇 Read on for details on how to get this amazing art for your very own


Offer available thru 6/8

Seduced by Death ART PRINT!

For preordering Seduced by Death, I’ll send you this art print!

Click the button and fill out the form by 6/8 so I can send you this EXCLUSIVE book art as a thank you for preordering the ebook!

*maybe one day Amazon will let me have a paperback preorder option*

So thanks for your patience if I haven’t been super quick on response time as I’ve been down for the count. 

But omg release day is literally ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

Are you prepared for the laughs, the feels, and all the steaminess?

Believe me, you are going to just die.

Hehehehehe, get it?

Cause the main character is Death?


my butt is tingling