I’ve got so many cool ideas for the release of Seduced by Death, the last book in the Vegas Immortals series!!! 

And one I’m SUPER excited about is getting a logo designed for my fictional coffee shop, Perkatory. 💀☕

Get it? It’s a play of words on purgatory? The main character is Death? eyyyyyyy

I want to slap this logo on coffee cups, shirts, make stickers, ALL THE THINGS! Wouldn’t you love some secret nerdy romance java swag?

But I’m struggling to get a good design created. So far, I’ve had a couple freelance artists try but it never comes out right. 😔

Let’s cross our fingers and hope the artist I just hired (who specializes in skulls) has got this. 

I also struggled with a good tagline for Perkatory. Death before Decaf is a fantastic, obvious choice but I’ve taken it a step further… 

Perkatory – Good to the Last Breath. 


So hopefully, there will be a shop on the site with some cool swag by the time Seduced by Death releases. Stay tuned. 

All the Giveaways!

Whoa, I have not 1 but 2 Giveaways happening right now, Holly.

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