This may come as a shock , but I’ve decided to no longer write books and instead become a LAWYER!

*cue Elle Woods from Legally Blonde* 
What? Like it’s hard?

Okay, let me back up.
I just got back from North Carolina for a beautiful beach wedding of one of my best friends, and before that I worked my butt off the last couple months to get Seduced by Death to the editors.

I pushed myself waaay harder than usual to make sure the ebook/paperback could come out the same time as the audiobook.

You’re excited for the audiobook!?!? I’ll circle back to that down below. 

As soon as I came home I finally collapsed. And picked up a horrible, tawdry vice that I’m positively giddy about.
I’m ADDICTED to watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial.

Everyone says they’re all about the highlights from this high profile, celebrity case, but I am legit watching the 8 hour long court case. 

Should I admit that ?!? I probably shouldn’t, but here we are…

After pushing so hard on this book, allll I want to do is sleep and watch this legal circus all day, every day to recover. 

This trial feels more like a game of petty jeopardy than the sophisticated renditions on television shows I’ve seen.

And what I’ve learned is I should TOTALLY be a lawyer cause I could do way better than some of the lawyers on Amber Heard’s side.

After watching 3 full days, I’m like pffft I could take the LSAT and slay it LOL

Okay probably not, but I’m having the time of my life.And my poor, sweet l’husbun. From the moment he wakes up to when he pops home for lunch, I’m like “Let me tell you! Let me tell you what just happened!”I’ve gone SO deep down the rabbit hole, that I also feel in love with the forensic psychologist (she’s deeply fabulous and clearly passionate about what she does) 

*Hamster brain ignites* 
WAIT! No. I don’t want to be a lawyer. I want to have her job! Studying the psychology of vets with PTSD!

Anywho, part of the assessment was that Amber Heard has Borderline Personality Disorder.
I was beyond fascinated, so much that I watched the psychologist talk about the assessment process TWICE.

So this morning while I was brushing my teeth, I scrolled Tiktok videos of people who have the disorder. They are incredibly candid about how exhausting it is and their difficulties maintaining relationships. *clutches heart*I want everyone to feel love! Life can be hard enough without a disorder. 
So by the time, I popped in the shower I was like, ooooh if I could write a character who has BPD and gets to have their happily ever after (with some vampires thrown in of course) I would be A GODDESS!
Honestly, not sure if I’m smart enough , or the right person to write that protagonist but omg that would be awwwwesome.

Long story short.

Maybe I’ll just stick to writing romance books. But *maybe* these occupations might sneak their way in somewhere. 

Anyone who says we don’t learn anything from TV clearly never met me. LOL!

So what I’m wondering is…am I literally going to be into this trial for the next four weeks?!?!?!

All signs point to yes.


While the trial is on the background, I’ve also been doing intense and absolutely delicious work on plotting One Bad Knight.

I know the preorder says November for release, but I anticipate it coming out many months sooner than that. 


Okay, remember that part about busting my butt to get the Seduced by Death audiobook out the same time as the ebook/paperback?

I didn’t bust my butt hard or fast enough.

*that’s what she said, eeyyyyy*

No, but seriously, I’m kind of bummed. I really tried to get this out fast enough, but I got sick for a week and that was enough to throw things off schedule.

SO! It appears the ebook/paperback will release June 9th as planned and the audiobook will make it’s debut in July.
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