Holly this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my life.

And I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am!

*sucks in huge breath to share info like a four year old on 20 pixie sticks*

One of my TikTok videos about my books went viral and it jettisoned my book One Savage Knight up the ranks!

(want to see the video? Click here I’ve learned from this that all readers want to stick it to their ex LOL)

Never before had I broken a top 100 category in Amazon, but One Savage Knight shot up to #3 in Devils and Demons romance

And then! And then!

The next day Bitten by Death shot up as well! And for one blissfully amazing minute it was #1 in Vampire Romance!

I had that beautiful little orange sticker by my book that said “Bestseller” and I died.

Not to be dramatic, but literally, I died and shot straight down, landing on that big trampoline in hell, then rocketed into heaven, high-fived Betty White then came back down to earth to tell you. 

I’ve never sold so many books in my life and it’s been an absolute DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

It only took a real quick 10-12 years to get here.

So what’s next? Why another book of course! 

I hadn’t announced any new releases after Seduced by Death, but in lieu of all the new exciting traction I’m announcing it NOW!.

*Drum Roll*

Now available for Pre-Order

I'm not the hero. I'm the bad son they send to do the dirty work when the demons come out. My brothers save lives, but I ruin them. I ruined hers, years ago. I should stay away from her. But something might be coming for the girl I left in pieces all those years ago, and I might not be able to stay away. The question is what's more dangerous than me? And can I for once, not ruin someone? Gatsby's standalone book is coming Fall of 2022