"The End"

I did it! I did it!

I put “The End” on Seduced by Death!

 Errrr kind of. 

If I’m being totally honest, finishing this book as been tough.

I feel like I’ve been on one end of a fishing pole. But instead of reeling a big fish out of the water, I’m trying to catch the steamy, mega explosive, buttery awesome romance finale you deserve!

Every day for the last three weeks I’ve been like “Today is the day I finish writing this book!”  But though I hammer away at it, the big climatic scene eluded me.

With each passing hour my anxiety grew until I had to *gulp* quit coffee.

WHHHHHY GOD WHYYYYY? *gets hold of self*

No, it’s okay. I didn’t want my heart to slam out of my chest ala alien style, so I switched my dark roast to earl grey tea for a warm beverage. 

I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure I stored coffee in my fat reserves and I’m just coasting off that continuous stream of energy. Similar but different from a hibernating bear using up his energy reserves. Though my poor l’husbun has had to deal with my psychotic, insomniac ass for weeks though I’m sure he wishes I was low key like a bear lol.

The secret ingredient was a babysitter. My lovely amazing author friend, Ellie Pond offered to meet me out at a coffee shop to work for the day. 

The pandemic has been hard trying to work in my house, because I need the buzz and flow of a coffee shop and I also need a buddy to keep me in check so I don’t screw around. I jumped so hard at the chance she had to use a bat to swat me back down lol

But after six hours with her and a lot of *tea* lattes (grumble)

I did it! I worked through that big ending scene!!!! *cue crowd cheering noises*

since you are my book bestie, we need to celebrate! I’ve already had a glass of champagne, but I think we both deserve a book too.

I bought Nikki St Crowe’s The Never King. I’ve heard a lot about this dark Peter Pan reverse harem book and I don’t even care if it ends on a cliffhanger. Bring it on.

What book are you going to get to celebrate with me?

See what I did there ? I thought you’d like that….