My heart is going to explode into a cloud of black and gold confetti.

Kissed by Death was my biggest release EVER!

And everyone keeps telling me how much I’m ruining their sleep because they can’t put the book down.

My dark heart drums its fingers together when I hear this, as I wish to rob you of all sense of reality when you open one of my books. Mwuahahahaha!

If you’ve read the book or left a review. Thank you. From the bottom of my soulless being.

And did you know I was in Vegas during the release of book 2 in my Vegas Immortals series? That wasn’t even planned! 

I was there for an author convention and (SQUEE) got to meet my female narrator for the books which was a meet cute of EPIC proportions. A tale for another time.

But the highlights definitely included crashing a friends cabana for one day (how is it 82 degrees there?), getting to be around other bizarro authors, making an absurd amount of Tiktok videos in my hotel room but most of all…

The vending machine of cake.



You heard me. It was all the rage. The beautiful red machine would drop a piece of chocolate, vanilla, or rainbow layered cake at the flick of a credit card. 

And you bet your sweet ass I got a slice! I got a piece of the rainbow cake and I’ve decided  I need one of these in my house. But it also needs to be stocked with donuts. Cake and donuts. Yep.

Not be weird, but like…buy all my books…so I can get this machine.

No, I didn’t ask l’husbun if we could get one.

But if one suddenly appears in our *ahem* bedroom, what is he gonna do? Say take it back?


But more importantly I need to write this magical machine somewhere into book 3.

After all, Vivien is clearly enjoying her vampire status of eating *whatever* the hell she wants without gaining an ounce. Living the dream! 

I feel she might even try to force employees to stock the machine with more than just cake.