Exclusive Book Art!

Kissed by Death - the Gods Ball

Book art is pretty much my FAVORITE thing! 

And since I’ve acquired my own favorite book artist I’m regularly asking her to illustrate my characters.

And of course, I have to share.

This is a scene from a scene in Kissed by Death where Grim and Vivien attend a god’s ball.

Grim must present his new blood bound sekhor to all the rest of the god’s and let’s just say, there are more than a few sharks in the water. 

They must present a united front, no matter what’s happened betweened them

Can we talk about ALL the things I am obsessed with in this piece? 

Not only did my artist create a stunning scene that perfectly captures the dance between Grim and Vivien…

but her attention to detail blows me away!!!! 

Grim’s death cloak is legit…

  • but did you you also notice the skull ring he wears? 
  • And the ankh on his cuff? 
  • And if that doesn’t wow you, direct your gaze to the left to see Grim’s reflection in the mirror. 


*credit goes to @amavi.blue on IG or you can find Marina on Fiverr  as marinaczygir *

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