Bitten by Death is coming in audio May 20th and I’m over the moon about the narrators and their performance so far!

Meet Vivienne Ferrari (or she also narrates under the name Veronica Giguere) the voice of *my* Vivien – a vampire who woke up in a morgue with no memories and finds herself hunted by Death himself. 

Honestly, the moment I heard her audition, I knew Vivienne *nailed* the delivery of my humor in this book which is legit laugh out loud funny. She also brings a vulnerability to the character who can be tough as nails but her armor definitely has some big chunks missing. 

Vivienne Ferrari answered some of my most pressing questions, which include her thoughts about drinking out of the skulls of her enemies.  (You’ll quickly see why she is as hilarious as my Vivien)

ME: If you could have superpowers, what would kind would you chose? 

VF: Mimicry! Like, being able to listen to someone for five seconds, then do a dead-on impression of their accent and speech patterns.


ME: How would you describe your voice/narration style? (or how have others described it?)

VF: I’m a smart, snarky, and slightly seductive storyteller. I’ve had others describe it as coffee and chocolate, conversational with a touch of indulgence.


ME: Coffee or Tea?

VF: COFFEE. Although, I’ve got a fair amount of tea, too. But coffee = love.


ME: What’s been your favorite part about narrating Bitten by Death

VF: Vivien’s attitude! She’s so delightfully fun. I wound up reading bits aloud to my husband while I prepped the book (reading and making notes) and cackling wildly. The tension is *delicious.*


ME: Drinking from the skulls of your enemies – yea or nay?

VF: I dunno… I remember the whole “mad cow disease” scare… and most of my enemies don’t have sexy craniums. Probably a nay.


ME: While we are waiting for Bitten by Death to come out, what is another book you’ve narrated that readers can listen to right now?

VF: ECHO One: Tales from the Secret World Chronicle is a collection of short stories by Mercedes Lackey, Dennis K. Lee, Cody Martin… and me! The series began as a podcast and is how I started narrating audiobooks. I narrated this anthology that blends metahumans and magic, with stories set in WW2 and the present day.

Bitten by Death is available for pre-order in ebook right now and will be available in Audio on May 20th, so you can enjoy the k i l l e r performance by Vivienne Ferrari! 

Want to hear Vivienne Ferrari SLAY this vampire part? Enjoy this exclusive excerpt!

Check out Vivienne Ferrari (aka Veronica Giguere) online



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