1.Novel Teas

These novel-teas are the perfect book companion! Gifting a reader tea, hot chocolate, or coffee can contribute to those cozy reading vibes, but make sure you know their drink of choice!

2.  Reader Wine Glass 

This wine glass definitely makes me want to touch my shelf! A fun glass for wine or champagne is a great gift for the reader who imbibes. Cheers!

3. Reading Socks

My FAV reading accessory is these fuzzy socks from Barnes and Noble. I’ve tried some other brands, but when Barnes and Noble roll these babies out for the holidays, my husband and I go rabid. They are crazy thick with maximum fluffiness. We wear these puppies into the ground.

4.  Book totes

For hauling even more books! You can check out your local bookstores, or get personalized ones off Etsy. My favorite says “I like big books and I cannot lie” but I’ve been lusting after this Kate Spade tote for a hot minute.

5. Candles

My ritual for reading includes having yummy smelling candles lit nearby for ambiance. For me, Yankee candles are tried and true but this Sexy Man candle would likely pair well with any romance book. Really drops the romance reader in for the full experience.

6. Book décor

Friends have picked up unique book-themed decor pieces as gifts for me in the past, and I absolutely love them!

7. Book Embosser

Getting book embossers or a special stamp can personalize a romance reader’s book collection. If anyone borrows their book, they’ll remember to return it to the lender with these labels.

8. Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

Like a Netflix subscription, your reader will get access to thousands of great romance reads for a flat monthly fee. Kindle Unlimited has a particularly large swath of romance reads including all of my books in The Five Orders Series.

9.  Audible membership

Audiobooks are amazing for the reader on the go. I love listening in the car, but even more so, listening to a book makes house chores fly by! When I had to move across the country, I packed and unpacked my entire life while listening to Karen Marie Moning’s Faefever series which made the difficult transition so much more pleasant.

10. Signed paperbacks

Know authors that your reader loves? Contact the author and ask to buy signed paperbacks, or for a signed nameplate that can be put inside the front cover. 

11. Reader mugs


12. Big comfy sweater


Of course, this is the penultimate. Readers love books. Hoards of them! Romance readers are dragons and they devour them by the ton! Check Amazon for suggestions or Goodreads.com has some great reading lists compiled by readers that can help you find even more books that your reader would like! 

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