The Books

The Five Orders Series

The Knight Watcher

Prequel ~ Novella


She was given one job…

Stand by and do nothing.

Yet it may be the one thing she can’t do.

Diana was sent by her Order to bear witness.

She is to remain invisible. She is not to intervene.

When she royally screws that up, and loses her only means to get home, she must rely on the man she was sent to watch to keep her safe.

As a Chevalier, Gregory’s sole purpose is to hunt the dark creatures from the Stygian.

After a mystery girl stumbles in, botching the job, he must drag her along to use her as bait to finish his mission.

Soon Diana realizes the event she has been sent to witness may be Gregory’s death.

Except now, she isn’t so sure she can stand by and watch the man she is falling for die.

Don’t miss the exciting prequel to “The Five Orders” series. 

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Prophecy Girl

Book One

Just like that, Calan lost his powers and his heart. 

Calan lives and breathes the law of the Order of Luxis.

Never distracted by the modern world or its temptations, his one mission – destroy the dark creatures, protect the world.

That is, until his mission brings him to Emma—a beautiful store clerk with penetrating eyes.

With one look, Emma makes Calan question everything about his mission.

Calan has no choice but to protect her. But protecting her might not only be his undoing—it may unleash hell on earth.

Prophecy Girl is a gripping paranormal romance perfect for fans of Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Soulless Son

Book Two

They took Calan’s soul
Then kidnapped Emma for their cause

Tortured and brainwashed by a secret Order, Emma is sent back to kill the man she loves. 

Instead of killing him, she grabs Calan and runs. 

There’s just one problem. Soulless Calan is an entirely different animal from the man Emma knew and loved.

Evil spirits are wreaking havoc on the world, and it’s up to them to close the dimensional tear to the Stygian. 

If they can get his soul back. 

If she doesn’t descend into madness first.

Don’t miss this heart-pounding, steamy next installment in The Five Orders Series. 

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Tear in the World

Book Three

Is one normal date too much to ask for?

Calan wants to leave behind his life as a Knight of the Light.

But Emma can’t ignore the damage that has been done.

When their family and friends are in danger from a new, unexpected threat, they are dragged back into the world of secret Orders.

The last two Orders will be revealed.

Secrets from Emma’s past spill over.

Can love survive…

…if it can’t escape destiny?

The explosive third book in The Five Orders Series is here, and you won’t want to miss this!

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Into Darkness

Book Four

He’s lost his powers again and this time it might be her fault.

This is the dysfunctional family camping trip from hell.

Scratch that, *in* hell.

Calan is determined to find a way home and keep Emma from harm but she’s making that impossible. He’s fighting for any scrap of control, which is impossible when he must continually keep the party from choking the life out of each other.

Emma knows she’s pushed Calan to the limit, but she has to do what she knows is right. She’ll do anything to save him.

Emma and Calan’s love may have finally defied destiny one too many times.

Stranded and forced to stick close together, secrets are squeezing out between the cracks. If the Stygian don’t kill them first, one of their own will.

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Touch of Hell

Book 4.5

***Read as a Standalone or after Into Darkness***

They might survive this, if they don’t kill each other first.

It’s hell on earth now, and these two childhood enemies have to work together to clean up the streets.

Krystan put down the party shots and picked up a bat when the nightmares came out to play. Being part psychopath has never been so advantageous than in the aftermath of a hell dimension opening.

Travis has always been a loser, but at least he has a purpose now. Running jobs with Krystan is satisfying, even if they sometimes accidentally burn down a client’s house while trying to exorcise the demons.

When a mass of strange suicides crop up, Krystan and Travis will have to track down the dark entity responsible.

All while taking care of two kids who showed up on their doorstep, fighting an impending eviction, and trying not to kill each other in the process.

How could things get any worse?

Krystan is hiding the fact she’s knocked up with Travis’s baby from their one night stand.

Touch of Hell is a paranormal romance perfect for fans of Jessica Jones, Supernatural, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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End Game

Book Five

The fifth installment in The Five Orders Series

Release Date TBD