Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire

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If you saw his face, you’d have a death wish too.

My life sucks. More accurately, I suck—blood.

I woke up on a cold slab in a morgue, two weeks ago, with no memories, and a new drinking habit that seriously cramps my ability to make friends.

Now I’m hunting for answers in Sin City about my past and who I was, but someone else is hunting me.

When Death, himself comes to collect me, I find myself facing the most magnificent, terrifying being imaginable. Who knew the grim reaper wore a tailored suit, and ran the most exclusive hotel on the Vegas strip?

He wants to hold me prisoner? Fine, I will rattle the cage and make his life a living hell until I get my freedom.

And I absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, let him know his hand is wrapped around my soul.

Bitten by Death is book 1 of 3 in an action-packed, slow-burn to steamy romance featuring a cheeky, tough heroine and dark hero.

Download and start reading NOW if you like irreverent, chain-yanking vampires, and a hot as hell version of Death.