I’ve got a sexy One Bad Knight book bonus for you.

If you have already pre-ordered your copy One Bad Knight

if you haven’t, where have you been?!

…your pre-order bonus includes a steamy Gatsby 5×7 art print! Made by my amazing artist, Marina.

Check this book art out and tell me your not obsessed. Go on. Just try!

Swooooon. Gatsby is bad to the bone and here he is – a hot mess – squatting in an abandoned building, ready for trouble. Or rather ready to make trouble.

Need a little more to sink your teeth into before committing to this bad boy?

This is the spiciest book I’ve written yet! Let’s see if this wets your whistle 😏 

Prickles of danger raced up my spine, as I sensed the presence of someone taller and broader coming up from behind. I shivered. When I tried to turn toward him, strong hands grabbed my hips, keeping me facing forward.

He immediately set me into a rhythm that was half time to the music. Time slowed down, as a muscled wall met my bare back. I could feel the ridges of his warm pectorals, and the contact felt pornographic for such a public place.

Whereas my previous partner made eye contact, getting nonverbal consent to dance with me, this guy had come up from behind and encroached on my space. No matter how titillating I found this man, I had standards. I jerked away, ready to head to the other side of the bar and away from the dangerous entity at my back. But his fingers dug into my hips, pulling me back against him again. He didn’t want me facing him or walking away.

The combination of the rough movement and the intoxicating scent of sex pheromones and virile man rolled over me. Despite myself, my knees turned to jelly and liquid heat gathered at my center. Visions of what else his rough hands could do ran through my imagination.

I was so used to being treated like a porcelain doll; I almost welcomed his brazen moves. But I still didn’t submit to anyone, no matter how hot.

I tilted my head to the side, so he could hear me when I shouted. “You chased my date away.”

I could only catch the wicked curve of his lips, and another ripple raced down my spine, informing my brain how screwed I was. Because a lower portion of my body was now in charge.

The man aligned his mouth to the side of my head, so he didn’t have to shout. His hot breath fanned against my ear and my nipples instantly tightened. “You were dancing with me before I came over.”

“Who says I want to dance with you?” Even as I said the words, an achy heat spread between my legs, and I squeezed them together as if I could keep the sudden wetness at bay. The bass of the music traveled up my feet, past my legs, penetrating my lower belly, only making it worse.

“Who says we ever stopped?” His voice rumbled through the column of my neck.

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